Thursday, November 26, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is Some Cool Stuff

It's been awhile since I've written a wish list post and my nearest and dearest have been asking me about what I'd like for Christmas (which is officially less than a month away, yay!!) so I figured I'd best set to work on curating my list for Santa. It took me a lot of thinking because honestly, I'm pretty content with everything at the moment, but it's always nice to get some cool stuff under the tree, isn't it?

Sorting Hat | Harry Potter Colouring Book | Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone: Illustrated Edition - I'm a huge Harry Potter dweeb and I'm SO happy that so many new things have been released recently! I don't know if I could even bring myself to use the colouring in book, I think I'd want to keep it as new and shiny as possible. And as for the illustrated edition of The Philosophers Stone, haven't we all dreamt of HP with pictures? I know I sure have.

Ikea Skruvsta Chair - It's such a boring grown up thing to ask for, but I've had the same computer chair for over five years now and it's looking very worse for wear. I've had my eye on the Skruvsta for a few months now and after giving it a good test sit (and a cheeky roll) in Ikea I think I've got my heart set on it now!

Birch Dress Form - I've started taking sewing much more seriously in recent months and I could really do with a dress form that isn't crooked and wonky. I really love the cute polka dot pattern of this one, it's a bit kitsch- like yours truly haha.

Too Face Le Grand Chateau Gift Set - I've been eagerly awaiting this gift set, Too Faced always do such marvelous Christmas sets, and of course it already seems to be sold out everywhere! It's got the most beautiful range of neutral to bold eye colours as well as blushers, a bronzer, and a mini Better Than Sex mascara, so I can understand why they sold out so quickly. My second choice is definitely Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, I need some more pink toned eyeshadows in my life!

HolySmoke Floral Turntable - I've recently started collecting my favourite albums on vinyl, I think there's something really special about being able to hold your favourite music in your hands and that's largely disappeared with the rise of digital music. I love the floral casing on this turntable, and the fact that you can close it up and take it anywhere - it's perfect for picnics, should I ever start going on them.

DSLR Ring Light - I'd really like to do more in the way of makeup posts and reviews over the next year and my room doesn't have much in the way of lighting- enter the ring light! Perfect for illuminating the entire face and not casting any harsh shadows, a ring light would be super helpful for making really nice cosmetic reviews.

I also completely spaced on putting it in the collage, but I really need a new backpack with more back support and padding, and I'm so taken with this Herschel bag. I look at the padding on that thing and I get shivers up and down my spine, I'm officially an old woman haha.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adelaide Supanova 2015

This weekend all of my hard work over the last couple of months paid off at Supanova! I wore two different costumes, a vigilante variation of Sailor Mars with a group of the other Sailor Senshi on the Saturday and Nurse Joy from Pokémon on Sunday.

I didn't get to take many photos because I was either busy or I literally had my hands full, but I did manage to pick up a few cute things, including the Sailor Mars figure that I've been hunting for for ages and only turning up possible bootlegs and the best pair of earrings I've ever seen - tiny Ron Swansons!!!

I'm not really sure how I feel about Supanova on the whole. Other than cosplaying and being able to buy a few nifty things without paying for postage, there's not really much else that appeals to me and it's a little like if you've seen one 'nova you've seen them all. I really wish that there had been more panels relating to costume making and crafting, or even filmmaking. And it would have been good if the cosplay competition had been presented by cosplayers because the people who mc'd it - while they were entertaining - didn't seem to ask many questions that actually had anything to do with the construction or materials of the entrants costumes. I also think it would have been beneficial to have more diverse categories, because it doesn't really make sense to judge massive robot/mascot suits against more sewing-reliant costumes and things like heavily detailed armour - they're all such different crafts that require very different skills.

Anyway, it was a very fun (and tiring) weekend and I'm excited to start planning and building my cosplay for Avcon next year, it's gonna be a bloody big one!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spilling the Tea

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be involved in the filming of a piece about Lolita fashion and culture for SBS 2's current affairs program, The Feed.

Unfortunately barely any of the footage from the Adelaide communities high tea made it into the final cut, but it was still an interesting watch! A beautifully shot piece, it focused a lot more on the negative aspects of the Lolita fashion rather than the positives. Everyone interviewed repeatedly expressed the fact that we don't consider ourselves 'living dolls' (something that was mentioned a number of times in the introduction and during the segment) and that there's no kind of correlation between the fashion and any kind of sexual fetish or interest. I think it'd be impossible to make an accurate documentary about such a big community with so many members from so many different walks of life without travelling across the planet and talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, but there are definitely worse media representations of lolita out there.

But as a bonus our comm got to have a really lovely high tea at the Adelaide Hilton - complete with a chocolate buffet!

And of course, any excuse to dress up and look fancy is a good one.

Chess Story JSK // H&M Blouse // Target Cardigan // American Apparel Shoes // Taobao Tights, Glasses, & Bag // Handmade Flower Crown

Saturday, November 7, 2015

'Tis The Season To Start Your Gift Shopping!

Stressing about the gifting season already? Don't worry my friends, for I have taken it upon myself to seek out the best of the best gifts for three people you probably know and are probably a little puzzled when it comes to buying for them. Who knows, you might even find a little treat for yourself in the mix too!

For The Homebody

The perfect gift for the person in your life who prefers the couch to the club. After they've bathed in the cozy, warm scents of the Best Wishes gift, they can curl up in their new Scotty christmas jim jams, pop on their sausage dog slippers, sip a big mug of tea from their congratulatory mug and read by the light of their new, minty lamp.

For The Fashionista

Treat the glamourpuss in your life to a gift full of candy scented sparkles with the Lush Star Dust gift box that's filled with christmas favourites and a couple of all year round sweets. Keep it out of this world with a Skinnydip rocket cross body bag and bright as hell with theBalm's cult Manizer Sisters luminizer palette. Then when the party's over, they can kick back with a Russian hot chocolate in their new Fancy Bitch mug from Beserk.

For The Techie

Got a pal who spends a lot of time at their desk writing/gaming/editing/whatever? Be their hero this Christmas with the super cute Hettie desk vacuum for any stray crumbs, some super cute USB s'more slippers to keep their feet toasty, and a Shippon self watering dog planter to add a touch of nature to their work area. And for when they head out on adventures they can keep themselves sustained with a lens mug filled with hot cawffee, and they can document every exciting encounter with their slick new classic Instax.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Who Killed Laura Palmer?

It's almost the most wonderful time of year again, and I'm a little behind on my usual Halloween posts! Today I finally cracked open my makeup bag and decided to try my hand at a look inspired by one of pop culture's most enduring images - Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic and washed up on a river bank.

To do this I buffed on my lightest foundation (Revlon ColourStay in Ivory) with a bit of white eyeshadow mixed in because I didn't have any white face paint handy. I then used my Rimmel concealer stick to lighten my face further, and powdered it with a white translucent powder. I used my regular contour shade for my cheeks, and then went over it with a bit of grey eyeshadow to give myself a really dead, sunken look. I went over all of the pinker areas of my face with matte light blue and grey eyeshadow because of course when you're dead there's no oxygen in your blood, and when there's not oxygen in your blood it isn't red, so a corpse isn't going to have any redness at all.

For the eyes I used a light orange base, with a darker orange on the inner corners and blended out into a mix of blue and grey around the outer corners. I tightlined my upper lash line with a black pencil, and used my regular mascara and eyebrow routine.

For the lips I first covered them with concealer and a little white eyeliner because my natural lipcolour is very pink so I needed to cancel out as much of that natural pigment as I could. I then dabbed a bright, baby blue eyeshadow on them, and a little bit of grey in the outer corners to soften them.

This was a really super simple look to do, it only took me about 25 minutes and I was able to get away with only using things I already had in my stash so it cost my a hefty zero dollars. The only difficult thing was trying to get the bags to cooperate- I don't know if any of you have ever tried to wrap yourselves in plastic before, but it's very frustrating haha. Oh and if you haven't seen Twin Peaks before, go and watch it!